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Packing materials for semiconductor devices and electronics parts are becoming more and more multifunctional, in that they not only need to be antistatic but also clean.
Our Industrial Materials Division conducts a consistent system from product development to manufacturing and selling of our functional multilayer films, focusing on cleanliness, prevention of static electricity, and environmentally friendliness. Our Industrial Field products cover a wide range of usage: from functional packaging films to high-functional films designed for parts, base materials, and indirect materials, taking responsibility to reassure our customers of the safety of their digital equipment.
Products available include APTSTAT®、APTCLEAN®、APTOTECH®, providing the wide electronics industry with products that harness our molding process technology.

Available products

APTSTAT® (アプトスタット)
These antistatic films were created using our own manufacturing technology for the protection of LSIs and printed circuit boards from being damaged by static electricity.


APTCLEAN® (アプトクリーン)
These clean films were developed using our own manufacturing technology as a packaging material to help solve product pollution and work environment pollution.

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APTOTECH® (アプトテック)
This surface-protection film was developed using our own manufacturing technology to protect and maintain the cleanliness of the surface of LCDs, electronic devices, mirror-like finishing molded products, etc.


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