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Solutions Consulting Service
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When it comes to food hygiene and quality control, many businesses are proactive in adopting highly hygienic methods, such as the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system, now drawing much attention as a new method in the Food Field area for production management.
While high-level quality control for packaging materials is vital for food production companies that have adopted the HACCP system, we go one step ahead to build a hygienic management system to respond to that need. In addition, our community-based Food Packaging Division is trusted by our customers and we are working with them to come up with ideas for developing film (packaging) products that can help them improve their productivity against fierce competition in the field of food packaging.

CANS FILM® (キャンズ フィルム)

Available products

Vacuum freezing


General vacuum
Type B

Deep drawing
Type F

Tamper proof

New Products
Super puncture-resistant

High gas barrier
Barrier 7

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