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Providing Medical Field packaging with our 3 reassurances

We supply packaging materials that are necessary parts for providing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment products that save peoplefs lives. To ensure such products can be maintained hygienic conditions and the content stabilized, it is vital to use films with properties such as elution and heat-resistance. We work with our customers in search of properties that packaging films should have in order to make safe and reassuring products a reality by creating clean and flexible films using the co-extrusion multilayer technology.

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3 reassurances with our Medical Field films

Reassurance for our customers Reassurance of manufacturing environment Reassurance of quality
We work in unison with our customers who harness the film development knowhow which we have cultivated also in other fields. We run a production system within a clean environment to respond to the manufacturing environment required of products we make. We conduct strict quality control from manufacturing all the way up to shipping.

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