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Achieving a myriad of functions through combining materials and
manufacturing methods.
Clean & aseptically high-functional films

Shikoku Kakoh provides high-functional multilayer films for use as packaging material in your daily life. In recent years, there has been a stronger demand for the functionalization of packaging, with an increase in multilayer films made from a combination of various materials. Our multilayer films are made possible in one single mold thanks to the special coextrusion multilayer technology. Co-extruded multilayer films are created with varied functionalities to respond to the needs in various fields, such as safe, gas-barrier packaging of food products; safe, heat resistant and tough packaging of medical products; or antistatic and clean packaging of electronic products. Such ability to add functionalities into the product design not only makes Co-extruded multilayer films interesting but it is also the greatest advantage of this type of product. We aim to harness the infinite possibilities of co-extruded multilayer films and propose new products that guarantee reassurance.

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