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Pioneering the value of composite technology for tomorrow

We aim to create the values of tomorrow through our own composite technology. We take issues faced by our customers as our own issues to solve and are here to create new values for them.

Creating composite materials (base materials, packaging materials, etc.)

We apply the knowhow (raw materials, layer design, manufacturing method/environment) we have cultivated in the fields of food, medical, electronics, and industrial products to the quality required by our customers in order to deliver safe and reassuring products.

Long years of knowhow and cutting-edge technology

At Shikoku Kakoh, we have been improving the knowhow we have cultivated over many long years to make advancement in the technological development of composite materials that can contribute to the lives of people, providing our technology to the world.
@Thanks to our technology allowing the creation of composite materials from several different raw materials at once, we are able to freely design products to meet the quality required by our customers.
@@@@@Multilayer film Cross-section of multilayer film
under the microscope.

@@@@@Multilayer film diagram

Pursuing new possibilities

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers (in issue solving and product development), we collaborate with related companies (raw material manufacturers, facility/equipment manufacturers, etc.) and government/academic organizations (universities, technological research centers, etc.) to pursue new value possibilities.

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